In its present form, Bison agro farms is a relatively young company. We are an agriculture company. We are one of the leading producers of temperate vegetables in Tamil Nadu. We cultivate and cater temperate vegetables, herbs and spices to the institutional clients and retail shops.

Our goal is to become a sustainable agriculture company. We are focused on producing farm fresh produces. We are a company with presence in the domestic and international market who has been steadily investing in research, development and technology. We adopt a unique mix of superior technology and traditional agricultural practice, which gives us a robust platform for the growth of our vegetables. Bison agro farms hold a leadership position in the crops like Broccoli, lettuces, zucchini and others

We strive to make our produces available to our clients throughout the year. We are a start-up company, with the ability to invest in the future. Bison agro farms with its strong network, is a preferred supplier for the clients. We have an outstanding base both as a leading producer of temperate vegetables and its proprietary products and expertise.

Bison agro farms is now embarking upon a very aggressive growth strategy. The strategic acquisitions will pay a crucial role in achieving our objectives set for the next five years. We are an integrated farming company, connecting our farms and clients with our strong supply chain. Bison agro farms could not exist without our clients. They are our customers and they are the lifeblood of our company